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run   /ron/
run /ron/

Men run in the park everyday.

Workers run after a bus everymorning.

Christian sometimes runs fast to school.

cut   /kut/
cut /kut/

A butcher cuts flesh everyday.

A gardener cuts the grass in the garden.

Husbands cut flowera to their wives.

push    /push/
push /push/

A man pushes his truck on the street.

People push others on the subway.

My brother pushes me to play with him.

smell   /sml/
smell /sml/

Girls smell flowers in the garden.

Dogs smell for food everywhere.

A secretary smells perfums at a store.


sing    /sng/
sing /sng/

Mr. Sauza sings balads in a pub.

Children sing melodies at the church.

Shakira sings modern songs.

live   /liv/
live /liv/

Michael lives in Paris.

Elephants live in Africa.

Animals live in the forest.


hear   /hir/
hear /hir/

I hear the bells from the church from home.

Do you hear them?

A politician hears the riot from his window.


clean    /clin/
clean /clin/

The housekeeper cleans up her closet.

Some students clean their classrooms.

The rain cleans the city.