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jump /yomp/
jump /yomp/

Children jump and play in the park.

Martha jumps from bed at 6 in the morning.

let´s jump the rope with music.


cry   /krai/
cry /krai/

Babies cry all night.

Her little sister cries every time she goes to school.

People say: men do not cry.

show   /shou/
show /shou/

Mr. Sauza shows the map to a tourist.

That girl shows how to dance.

A guide shows me the way home.



Men pull the truck with a rope.

My friend pulls me from my shirt when we play.

A truck pulls a car to the shore of the road.



teach   /tich/
teach /tich/

Mr. Sauza teaches Math to children.

Profesors teach English in the morning.

Stephany teaches me how to play the game.



rain   /rein/
rain /rein/

It frequently rains in México city.

It rains in the morning and in the afternnoon.

It rains at night too.

paint   /peint/
paint /peint/

Bob Ross paints happy birds over a mountain.

Workers paint their houses white.

Girls paint their lifes pink.