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take /teik/
take /teik/

My mother takes my brother to school every day.

Marilyn takes pills to sleep.

It takes time to understand life.

ride /raid/
ride /raid/

Richard rides a motorcycle very fast.

We ride horses every Saturday.

Children ride their bikes in the park.

carry /kerri/
carry /kerri/

Students carry their books to school.

A mother carries her children carefully.

Mrs. Wilson carries her lap top everyday.


look at  /luk eat/
look at /luk eat/

People look at the sky at night.

Old men look at birds in a park.

She looks at me in the class.


draw   /dro/
draw /dro/

Ernest draws cartoons.

Girls draw flowers.

Children draw cars.

play  /plei/
play /plei/

Cabañas plays soccer in a stadium.

Peter and Paul play the guitar well.

we play soccer badly.



eat   /it/
eat /it/

Students eat "taquitos" out from school.

They eat spicy sauce too.

Italians eat calamari on weekends.