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work    /uork/
work /uork/

A factory worker works hard eight hours a day.

A waiter works at a restaurant 14 hours a day.

Mexican people work hard everyday.

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Karen always tells lies.

We tell the truth to our parents.

Tell me the time,please.

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bring (traer)    /bring/
bring (traer) /bring/

Students bring their books to school everyday.

Girls bring flowers and songs to their loveones.

Eduard brings you money everyday.



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stay(permanecer) /stei/
stay(permanecer) /stei/

We stay home on weekend.

They stay at a hotel when they are on vacation.

She stays with me in summer.

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rest    /rest/
rest /rest/

My family and I rest in the garden on weekend.

A baby rests and sleeps all day long.

Dancers rest in the afternoon.

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watch   /uatch/
watch /uatch/

Mexican families watch soccer matches on TV.

Mothers watch soapoperas(telenovelas) in the afternoon.

A  policeman watches for the order.

That girl watches movies alone.

study   /stodi/
study /stodi/

A girl and a boy study better.

A boy alone studies a little.

A girl alone always studies more.

watch , study
observar , estudiar
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