Phone number.          55 46737291

Guia segundo nivel.


Level 2 Ch 1                              1

Can we meet tomorrow at Sanborns?


a)      No, the bus is full

b)      Yeah, buy me a cup of coffee

c)      Tomorrow is not good for me, can we make it Friday?

Level 2 Ch 1                           

 2 Could you please give me a ride to school?


a)      Certainly

b)      You can ride a horse

c)      That’ll be ten pesos

Level 2 Ch 1                            

 3  Would you like to go to a party with me?


a)      The party is a great idea

b)      That sounds good

c)      Is Mary going shopping?

Level 2 Ch 1                              4

a)      Would you like to have a cup of coffee?

b)      Why not, where do you want us to meet?

c)      He is not here, is he?


No, There is a big problem at school and that’s why he didn’t come

Level 2 Ch 2                         3


How’s the chicken cooked?


a)      It’s fried

b)      It’s on the floor

c)      It’s well done


Level 2 Ch 2                         4

a)      What kind of food do you like?

b)      Do you enjoy going to the movies?

c)      What do you want?


I like Chinese food

Level 2 Ch 2                        5

a)      How’s the meat prepared?

b)      Where do you prepare the meat?

c)      How many steaks do you eat?


It’s grilled

Level 2 Ch 2                         6

a)      How are the chips?

b)      How is the chicken?

c)      Would you like salt?


they’re too salty


Level 2 Ch 3                       5

In your company, who is responsible for supervising the sales department?


a)      Mr. Ramirez is

b)      Mr. Ramirez does

c)      Mr. Ramirez will

Level 2 Ch 3                       6  

Where do you study?


a)      At Unitec

b)      With my friends

c)      I use my books to study


Level 2 Ch 3                        7     

The teacher is responsible for _____?


a)      explaining things in class

b)      explain things in class

c)      ordering in a restaurant

Level 2 Ch 3                        8

Who is responsible for ______?


a)      passing the course

b)      come to class

c)      take the exam

Level 2 Ch 4                              1


Can I help you?


a)      Yes, I’m looking for some shoes

b)      No, they are new

c)      Sure, let’s go to the movies

Level 2 Ch 4                              2


a)      Where are the shoes?

b)      Who has the leather ones?

c)      What kind of shoes would you like?


some leather ones

Level 2 Ch 4                     3

a)      Where can I try this suit on?

b)      The fitting room is on the next floor

c)      How does it fit?


The fitting room is over there next to the elevator

Level 2 Ch 4                       4

How do the shoes feel?


a)      They are a bit small do you have them in another size?

b)      They’ll bring another one

c)      It’s is okay, I guess


Level 2 Ch 5                              1

Shall I call the bellman


a)      No thanks, I’ll carry my bags

b)      No, he’s not free

c)      Sure, give me a room


Level 2 Ch 5                              2         

Can you tell me John’s telephone number?


a)      Sorry, I don’t know it

b)      He’s out of town

c)      That’s okay, I’ll call later

Level 2 Ch 5                              3

d)      I’d like to check in

e)      He wants the check

f)       It’s at 12 o’clock


Sure, your room number is 534


Level 2 Ch 5                              4


a)      My name is John Smith

b)      Is your name Mr.Smith?

c)      A single or double room?


Do you have a reservation?

Level 2 Ch 7                              1

Where do I catch the ten o’clock train?


a)      On gate 2

b)      By track 12

c)      On track 12

Level 2 Ch 7                              2

a)      How often do you come to an English class?

b)      How do you come to class?

c)      Who comes to class?


Twice a week

Level 2 Ch 7                              3


How long does it take to go from here to Bellas Artes?


a)      It takes 30 minutes by bus

b)      It is there

c)      That’s no problem

Level 2 Ch 7                              4

What time does the flight # 605 leave for New York?


a)      It is delayed, it’ll leave in about 1 hour

b)      No it’s on time

c)      Sorry, there isn’t other

Level 2 Ch 8                              1

a)      What does your room look like?

b)      Where is his room?

c)      How is his room painted?


It’s big and it has a big bed


Level 2 Ch 8                              2

a)      How many bedrooms does his house have?

b)      Where are the bedrooms?

c)      What does he have in his bedroom?


There are only three

Level 2 Ch 8                              3


a)      Where does she usually study?

b)      Who does she study with?

c)      How does she study?


In her room

Level 2 Ch 8                              4


What can you see from your window?


a)      My room

b)      A nice park

c)      Home


Level 2 Ch 9                              1


How’s the job search going?


a)      I don’t know, he went shopping

b)      Well, I have two interviews tomorrow

c)      He asked his friends for a job

Level 2 Ch 9                              2

What kind of job are you looking for?


a)      I don’t know how to speak Japanese

b)      I think living in Hawaii is a good idea

c)      I’m not sure , maybe in the computer field

Level 2 Ch 9                              3

People who are unemployed look for a job?


a)      At home

b)      In the help wanted section

c)      On TV

Level 2 Ch 9                             4

a)      First Joe was fired

b)      First she went to school

c)      First he used hi money to buy a car


Then he searched on the internet, had an interview and  got a temporary  job

Level 2 Ch 10                      1

What do you do in your free time?

a)      I like to go to the movies

b)      She works home

c)      I will read a book

Level 2 Ch 10                      2

Do you have any hobbies?


a)      Yes, I collect coins and I do aerobics

b)      I go to the cinema

c)      He’s fat

Level 2 Ch 10                       3

Do you want to do anything  tonight?


a)      Let’s play chess

b)      No, I can’t

c)      Sorry, he’s busy

Level 2 Ch 10                      4

a)      Yeah, I collect furniture

b)      Of course I like it

c)      I can’t do anything


Hmm. That’s an expensive hobby


Level 2 Ch 11                       1

a)      He eats a lot, doesn’t he?

b)      He likes to eat at home

c)      He doesn’t walk all night


Yes, that’s why he is out of shape

Level 2 Ch 11                       2

What can I do to get in shape?


a)      You can go to a health club

b)      She  can stay in bed and read

c)      They can drink all night

Level 2 Ch 11                       3

You exercise a lot, don’t you Tom?

a)      Yeah, I work out at least three times a week

b)      No, I’m sorry he’s not in

c)      No, I can’t go with you

Level 2 Ch 11                           4

I’m too fat and I’d like to do some exercise


a)      Where do you exercise?

b)      Who works out with you?

c)      What kind of exercise should I do?